International de montgolfières

From 13 to August 21th 2022

August 13 to 21, 2022


Hot air balloons have always sparked the imagination. Of any possible colour, their beauty and grandeur are inspiring. Synonymous with adventure, they have also been the subject of many stories about the adventures of intrepid journeys into the unknown. With a rich history, the origin of this invention comes to us from a bygone era. Today, the continue to amaze with their ability to soar, almost as if by magic.

But, really though, how do hot air balloon take off? 

We always hear "hot air rises and cold air falls". Using this principle, an aerostat (hot air balloon) is able to rise into the air. Flames heat the inside of the balloon and the pilot, like a true maestro, adjusts the quantity of hot air inside it. Hot air balloons cannot be steered, rather they are guided by air currents. This makes the experience entirely unique, as each flight is a new adventure!

A flamboyant evening event

A distinctive, unique event at the International Balloon Festival, the Nuits magiques will make you see hot air balloons in a whole new way. It is a fantastic spectacle of balloons moored to the ground at nightfall, glowing like giant lanterns. Under the stars, behold a field of hot air balloons and luminescent lights.

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